I'm Taylor. 19 year old college student who resides in Southern California and is majoring in television production. Aspirations to work on a late night talk show or SNL. Conan O'Brien made me love television. I also dance as well as teach it. Selective mustism survivor and Marfan syndrome sufferer.

Cool Haus and Tito’s Tacos. Not pictured: farmer’s market BLT and fries and honeydew boba.

So my friend and I had tickets for Craig Ferguson today. We rushed from our TV studio class, parked at The Grove, and sprinted to CBS in record time. I mean, we were only a half hour late, they were probably still checking people in anyway, right?

We get to the front gates and we don’t see people sitting where they wait for shows. We missed it. So to not ruin our night we went on a food adventure.

I just found out the tickets are for next Wednesday.


look, i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

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